Welcome to Oliver-James.net! Although this is an unofficial fansite, it is here to respectfully support Oliver and keep all of you accurately updated with his career. If you have any questions or comments, e-mails can be sent to webmaster@oliver-james.net. Please note, I am not Oliver James, nor am I in any way affiliated with him or his representation.

__September 2012
Check out Oliver's official YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter pages for new updates directly from him!

YouTube: youtube.com/OliverJamesMusic

Facebook: facebook.com/0liverJam3sMusic

Twitter: @0liverJam3s

__August 2009
Music and video updates: myspace.com/olijames

__September 2008
Without a Paddle: Nature's Calling

__May 16, 2006
Oliver has taken on the role of Nick for an eight-part BBC series titled The Innocence Project, scheduled to air this fall.

The Innocence Project - new drama for BBC ONE follows a group of ambitious law students (bbc.co.uk)

My sincerest apology... there is no Oliver news to share these days. As soon as there is an update, it will be available here as always.

__September 24, 2004
Oliver's newest movie, Raise Your Voice, opens in two weeks! Click the banner up top for all kinds of awesome Raise Your Voice media, including a terrific interview (watch for Oliver), awesome music, cute pics (more Oliver!), and more.

__June - August 2004
This site is taking a summer hiatus... updates will be back on track in September!

__June 1, 2004
Happy 24th Birthday to Oliver!

__January 27, 2004
Oliver's latest project is Heart of Summer, which started filming on January 19th. (*note - the title of this film was changed to Raise Your Voice.)

__December 27, 2003
Today is the one year anniversary of this site!

__December 23, 2003
There is yet to be any project news for Oliver, but for all of you that celebrate I wanted to wish you the merriest of Christmases, and I hope everyone has a fantastic new year!

__October 12, 2003
The What a Girl Wants screencaps are finally up, all 204 of them! Click here to look at the pictures, or go above to Photos>>Screencaps>>What a Girl Wants. Enjoy.

__September 6, 2003
Still working on editing and uploading all of the Oliver photos and WAGW screencaps. They will be up soon, as well as news and articles. Sorry for the delay.

__August 19, 2003
For the two banners above: Click the one on the right to view an awesome interactive media player. Click the one on the left to view the official What a Girl Wants site. Both include exclusive content, so be sure to visit them.

View the What a Girl Wants page for additional scenes from the movie, plus some new extras.

__August 17, 2003
New pictures! Shirtless pics of Oliver, plus several photos from the UK premiere of What a Girl Wants. They are posted up on the messageboard, take a look. <<premiere pics>> <<shirtless pics>>

__August 16, 2003
Oliver is doing a decent amount of publicity in the UK right now, so keep your eyes open. Over the past two weeks he has been on RI:SE, SM:tv Live, plus various interviews for magazines, newspapers, and online media. Any other information will be posted up as I receive it.

This site is getting an awesome yet unbelievable amount of traffic right now. O-J.net was opened in December, and we have already passed 50,000 visitors - 15,000 of those were from the past week alone!

Major updates will be made throughout the week, so make sure to check back!

__August 5, 2003
Odge, the Oliver James Fanlisting, is up and running. Be sure to visit and join!

What a Girl Wants is available to rent or buy in the US today, August 5th.

__April 27, 2003
Thanks to a very friendly source, there have been some corrections made on the Oliver page. One of the changes is the fact that his full name is Oliver James Hutson, not Hudson.

Visit the links page, as there are some new fan sites listed.

There is now an faq page to help with some of your questions.

This site was approved for the Oliver James fanlisting, which will be up soon.

__April 9, 2003
Two new articles from April 4th and 8th.

__April 7, 2003
ElleGirl.com has a poll up today asking: Who's the hottest European import? Head on over there to vote!

Oliver's bio page has been majorly updated, plus song lyrics, music information, and more articles are up.

__April 6, 2003
Several new pictures and two articles added this morning. More articles, song lyrics, music, bio info, plus a few other items will be posted up over the next three days.

Be sure to visit the photo gallery - over 100 images currently available, with new ones being added every day.

__April 4, 2003
What a Girl Wants is now in theaters nationwide.

The What a Girl Wants soundtrack includes two songs by Oliver - "Long Time Coming" and "Greatest Story Ever Told."

An excellent video interview with Oliver is available online, visit this page to view it.

Enter to win a trip to London and the opportunity to meet Oliver! Visit ElleGirl.com for contest details.

There is a small article about Oliver in the current issue of Elle Girl (April 2003). He was also in the March 2003 issue of YM Magazine.

Be sure to join the Oliver James Yahoo! Group.

Although Oliver has been meeting with many industry people and looking over scripts, he has not yet signed on for a new film.